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Boks, Casper; Baggerud, Bjřrn // 2015
This paper analyses the topic choice of all 286 final year master projects done at the Department of Product Design at NTNU. Master theses were categorized using five categories: primary focus ...

A Design Process for Creative Technology

Mader (1), Angelika; Eggink (2), Wouter // 2014
Creative Technology is a new bachelor programme at the University of Twente. Goal of Creative Technology is to design products and applications that improve the quality of daily life in its manifold ...

Curious Directions for Product Designers: How Technology is Affecting Medical Design Practice

Loy, Jennifer // 2014
Medical product design practice has changed over the last five years as advances in technology, both digital and practical, have opened up new opportunities to address patient needs in innovative ...

Demanding it All from the Novice Mechanical Engineer through Design and Manufacture

Masen, Marc; Brand, Andrew; Yan, Yanliuxing; Varley, Julie; Spence, Peter; Childs, Peter // 2014
A core design and manufacture group project has been run in the second year of the Mechanical Engineering undergraduate programme at Imperial College for over two decades where students are required ...

Homecare Future Scenario Development by Students in a Multidisciplinary Setting

Stilma, Margot; Verhoeven, Fenne; van Beurden, Karin // 2014
The development and implementation of a ‘future scenario development-method’, is described in this paper. The scenarios should inspire designers to create products that fit the society 10 to 20 years ...

How to Educate for Creativity in Creative Technology?

Mader, Angelika; Dertien, Edwin // 2014
Creative Technology is a new BSc programme at the University of Twente. Its goal is to design novel applications and products to improve daily life of people, with ICT as design material. ...

Joining Forces: Investigating the Influence of Design for Behavior Change on Sustainable Innovation

Niedderer, Kristina; Mackrill, James; Clune, Stephen; Evans, Martyn; Lockton, Dan; Ludden, Geke; Morris, Andrew; Gutteridge, Robin; Gardiner, Edward; Cain, Rebecca; Hekkert, Paul // 2014
Design is a significant driver of behaviour change, enabling, encouraging or discouraging particular practices from taking place. Despite design’s clear influence on behaviours, limited frameworks ...

Design and testing of a new medical rail-adapter product

Wu, Xiaolong; Choi, Young Mi // 2013
Injuries caused by medical device use errors were much more common than injuries resulting from medical device failures. There are many factors that contribute to device use errors such as device ...

Design principles for robot inclusive spaces

Mohan, Rajesh Elara; Rojas, Nicolas; Seah, Sue; Sosa, Ricardo // 2013
Social and service robotics deals with robot applications in, for instance, rehabilitation and health care, logistics, search and rescue, and homecare. The civil and economic relevance of these ...

Navigating the in-between spaces- growing designers of the future using an interdisciplinary approach

Ekins, Ray; Timmins, Bernard; Timmins, Fiona; O’Rourke, Pearl; Coyle, Eugene; Long, Siobhan // 2013
Background: This paper concerns a case study of the supervision of one research project aimed to develop, demonstrate and evaluate a new framework for customisable assistive technology (AT) which ...

Zoocentric Design: Pigs, Products, Prototypes and Performances

Baxter, Seaton; Bruce, Fraser // 2013
This paper is concerned with how we apply design to our association with other non-human animals. It exemplifies this with the domestication and current use of the pig (Sus domesticus). After a brief ...


Germani, M.; Bernabeu ,J. A.; Mandolini ,M.; Mengoni ,M.; Raffaeli ,R. // 2012
Diabetes is a growing health problem round the world. Doctors’ experience confirms the beneficial role of customized shoes in reducing the risk of ulceration for feet of diabetic peoples. Even if ...

A New Brief Creation Process to Improve Design Innovations in Home Healthcare

Fan, Yang; Yorick, Benjamin; Colin, Roberts // 2012
This paper presents research findings and conclusions, which investigated the strengths and weaknesses of innovation management strategies of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the home ...

Creating an Innovative Attitude at Work

Eriksen, Kaare; Tollestrup, Christian // 2012
This paper focuses on the introduction of creative methods and approaches to the staff in a major public service institution in collaboration with design researchers and design students. The project ...

Future Wellbeing: Design or Politic Driven

Crisp, Alan Roy; Dale, James; Curtis, Holly // 2012
The authors are principal lecturers in product design within Higher Education [HE]; Curtis is currently a final year honours student associated with their course and two programmes of research which ...

Innovation in Health Care: Strategy and Impact on the Nexus Education Research

Verwulgen, Stijn; Baelus, Chris; Cornelis, Alfons; Van Kerckhoven, Vanessa // 2012
Transition from a professionally oriented educational program of the master in product development to an academic context (the Bologna process) has induced the need to scientifically underpin the ...

Participatory Design for Well-Being

Berg, Arild; Gulden, Tore // 2012
Participatory design can meet the needs of the individuals’ well-being in hospitals; however constraints occur in such a complex context. A case study of exploratory participatory design processes ...

Project Work on Wellbeing in Multidisciplinary Student Teams: A Triple Testimonial on EPS at Artesis

Baelus, Chris; Dani, Sarah Rohaert // 2012
international educational concept, in 2012 the Artesis University College became the first Belgian EPS provider to offer a multidisciplinary EPS programme in close collaboration with the following ...

Culture and Context

Taylor, S.P; Nicolle, C.A. ; Maguire, M.C // 2011
This paper describes a fresh approach to gathering rich data from ethnic minority consumers (EMCs) to better understand the affects of variations across subgroups upon consumers. The study ...

Design Thinking and Analysis a Case Study in Design for Social Wellbeing

Dorst,Kees; Tietz, Christian // 2011
In the last few years, “Design Thinking” has gained popularity – it is now seen as an exciting new paradigm for dealing with problems in sectors as a far afield as IT, Business, Education and ...


Ekman, Annalill; Carlsson, Stefan; Ekman, Sten // 2011
The purpose of this paper is to examine how a political driven transition of a large company, Apoteket AB in Sweden with 12,000 employees – the pharmacy state monopoly – can be managed to a free ...


Masko, Mary Lou; Eckert, Claudia M.; Caldwell, Nicholas H.M.; Clarkson, P John // 2011
Hospitals are facing a triple challenge - meeting mandatory climate change targets and refurbishing aging infrastructure while simultaneously providing quality of care. With the potential of more ...

Full Circle: Balancing the Knowledge Equilibrium between Newly-Enrolled Design Students and their Design School

Ghassan, Aysar // 2011
This paper describes a recent project which was carried out at a design school situated within a UK university. Research suggests that many undergraduates come to university without being prepared ...

The Hewlett-Packard Sensory Home Project

Swan, Bret; Howell, Bryan; Solomon, Mark; Martin, Paul // 2011
In the Brigham Young University (BYU) School of Technology, we have a unique opportunity to combine art and engineering disciplines to explore a variety of industry-sponsored projects. Faculty in ...

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  • +design -community
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  • +design ~community
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  • +design +(>community <decisions)
    Find rows that contain the words “design” and “community”, or “design” and “decisions” (in any order), but rank “design community” higher than “design decisions”
  • design*
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